Project Updates

Construction Costs
We are excited about revisiting Mozambique again this year to build a new community clinic structure where medical teams in the future can use. We will also be offering dental care again and working with a local dentist to set up a long-term and on-going program there. 

2016 Needs
Costs: Clinic Structure Supplies $2,114
Dental Supplies: $200 (Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Floss)
Local Dentist: $720 (1 day/week for 1 year @ $15/day)
Total Needed: $3,034
Health Clinic in small village and our Team.
Mozambique: Our team worked hard this week in partnering with Care for Life as we provided free dental care in their existing village clinics. We served 113 patients in 5 days! They also offered free HIV testing, vaccinations, birth certificates and eye care. We look forward to future expeditions.
by Angela Holzer, Team Co-Lead
Local Doctor and Bryan (Given Tree Team), team teaching an oral hygiene class prior to being seen by Dr. Brandon Erickson
The first 2 days of our dental clinic in the village of Matadouro in Mozambique has been a success! The clinic includes a oral hygiene education class for all those in the clinic, sterilization table for all instruments and distribution of medication and toothbrush/paste. Charity:Care for Life
by Angela Holzer and Dr. Brandon Erickson, Team Leads

Meeting at the Ministry of Health
Solomon (Care for Life), Jennifer (Ministry of Health in Beira, Mozambique), Angela (Given Tree)
The Given Tree team is partnering with a local charity, Care for Life, in Mozambique to meet the dental needs in Beira. We just had a successful meeting with the Ministry of Health in Mozambique about collaborating in the future! We look forward to helping meet the needs of the great people here through Care for Life.
by Angela Holzer, Team Co-Lead
Smallholder Farmer in Mozambique demonstrating his watering techniques!
This home grown garden is part of a Family Preservation Program. They receive free seeds and attend classes on how to grow and sell certain crops. This smallholder farmer is showing us how he daily waters his lettuce by hand. This program is a part of the 10 family goal sheet participants are required to fill out. As their produce is sold, they will be able to pay for future seeds. Concerns: There is always a concern to find high quality seeds that's are expired. Local seed seller's often change the expiration date to be able to sell them. 
Charity: Care for Life
Location: Mozambique