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We certify smaller trusted charities based on 3 areas of accountability—Philosophy & Approach, Financial Health and Impact—in order to build trust and provide transparency to potential donors and volunteers. Additionally, we provide means of improving the impact of smaller charities and communication across the ecosystem by sharing best practices to donors, charities and recipients.

Philosophy & Approach

Mission Statement, Vision
Organizational Health
Community Approach
Teaching Skills, Self-Reliance and Service to Neighbor



Overhead Analysis
Analysis of Reports
Financial Sustainability
Financial Goals
Financial Transparency


Accountability with Past Projects
Transparency with Current Projects
Implementation of P&A
Sharing Best Practices



Accountability through Transparency.

Helping smaller charities make a bigger impact.

Question & Answer

Who do we certify?

We currently focus on smaller US based 501c3 registered nonprofits who provide their services throughout the world both stateside and overseas.

Why encourage your charity to get certified?

By encouraging charities to become certified, you promote transparency and accountability with funds and their programs. We require financial and activity reports be submitted along with recent images from those programs and how funds are used. As charities consistently submit these reports, donors can feel more confident in seeing how their funds are being spent. We also will provide training on specific topics a smaller charity needs to better understand and therefore implement.

Certified charities will also soon have the opportunity to share their experience on WikiCharities, our partnering organization, and share best practices in their area of expertise. WikiCharities aims to help improve communication in the nonprofit sector on what’s working and what’s not as charities and experts share their research and experience therefore helping less experienced charities in their efforts.

Benefits to getting certified?

As a charity becomes Given Tree Certified, it means they are transparent with their financial records, donors, programs and goals for the future. Donors can also feel confident that this charity is actively promoting their mission statement as they represent to the public.

Certified charities will then have access to resources and tools to improve their efforts and show their accountability. One way is to participate in WikiCharities program in sharing best practices based on topic and location. Certified charities can share their experience where other charities and experts will be able to read and learn from their experience. 

How do we differ from Charity Navigator or other rating organizations?

Charity Navigator and other organizations are a fantastic resource for medium to larger charities. We aim to focus on smaller charities in helping these charities be more accountable and transparent with funds, programs, donors and their activities. We aim to fill a much needed space in the nonprofit sector to hold charities accountable and promote transparency among smaller quality nonprofits.

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Given Tree Certified

Online Certification Coming Soon.

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